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What is Lineage II?

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle. 

What are the chronicles?

The Chronicles are expansions of the game Lineage II. Unlike other MMORPGs, the Chronicles are completely free, and can be downloaded via the automatic updater once they are available. So if you buy low or an old version of the game, you'll have to wait until they have downloaded all the expansions. Currently, Lineage II is in his Chronicle 3. NCSoft has stated that its intention is to make 12 Chronicles of the game, and that these chronicles will come at a rate of two per year.


What races are there?

You play as Orc, Dwarf, Elf, Dark Elf, or Human. Each of these races has its strengths and weaknesses. Of these, only Elves and Dark Elves begin their journey into the mainland of Aden. Orcs and Dwarves start at Elmore and must teleport to Aden, while humans begin on Talking Island.

What are the pledges / commitments / clans?

Any character level 10 may create a clan, but raise the clan to form an alliance, have a room in the clan (clan hall) or besiege a castle will be much more difficult to achieve.


What is a castle siege?

The sites to the castle take place every two weeks. Basically speaking, clans compete against each other for control of Aden region. Once a clan controlled a castle, fixed taxes in cities that are within the scope of control of the castle, manor also configure the system in their region. This clan maintained control of the castle until you snatch another clan. The Seven Signs competition is directly affected by the sites of the castles.


"There is only PvP during sieges?

No, the Lineage II is a free PvP game where you can attack anyone, anytime, anywhere, whenever outside the safe areas of cities. However, PvP is reduced over the sites their death penalties, as it ignores the karma system. For more information about the PvP system in Lineage II, visit our section "Points and PvP Combat.


How hard is leveling up?

The level up you may find it easier or harder depending on your style of play. Obviously, you will not get the same results if you spend all your time talking to other characters or fighting. In fact, no level up becomes difficult until it reaches a level close to 60. The Chronicle 3, NCSoft introduced benefits for new players, which help considerably in the initial levels for players who are completely new to the game. In addition, there were parties of 2 or 3 players and created open areas for hunting (as opposed to the catacombs), which are much more effective when compared with what he had before the Chronicle 4.


What is GameGuard?

The system is a tool GameGuard anti-hacker and anti-bots that NCSoft has entered Lineage II. This is caused by nProtect. Sometimes it can to encounter illegitimate programs like trojans or illegal software. If this happens, do know the NCSoft support page and leave a message about it on their official forums in the category of technical issues (technical issues), where other players have been playing similar topics. And no, you can play Lineage II without Gameguard.


How is NCSoft's help for this game?

This game is designed and maintained in Korea. The NA team has very limited direct control over the game. They can solve some minor bugs and, of course, can address any matter related to the accounts. For further adaptations and patches have to wait for the NCSoft Korea occurs first. Thanks to some great translators, NA community know what is happening in Korea at that time regarding the game. The solution of some bugs can take days or months. It should also be borne in mind that there will always be differences of localization and translation in the game when converted from Korean into English.


If we do not like something about L2, our suggestions are heard

Depends. NC has carried out changes to Lineage II based on the suggestions and concerns of the audience NA. This is a very slow process, and no way of knowing for sure what suggestions will be considered and what will not.


"The Lineage II has all the standard elements of MMORPGs?

Yes, in addition to the sites of the castles and retail prices, Lineage II contains elements such as Raid Bosses of all levels, dragons, pets, a race of monsters where you can bet some beautiful scenery, boating, etc..


Not many people speak of RPing, why?

NCSoft has not designated any particular server for role-play, but when Lineage II left many players wanting to role-play Lionne decided that would be unofficial server role in this game. Also, for those who are interested, there is a significant amount of information on mythology, culture and history of Lineage II at its official website.


Is there a European server?

Yes, Teon and Franz are the European servers. There are many other European players on other servers, but Teon and Franz are the only ones in which the game's features - such as sites for castles or manor system - are set so that they are ideal for European players .


How do I move?

To move, Lineage II provides both the option of "point and click" with the mouse and use the arrow keys on the keyboard. When using these, it may appear that tours all screens except yours. If you activate the option "Press enter to type" you can also use the WASD.


"Many people speak of the farmers or bots, are they?

When people talk of "farmers" are usually referring to farmers adena professionals working in shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, usually controlling multiple accounts at once thanks to an illegal program of boat with which large amounts of adena selling to other players for money from the real life situation they are sometimes known as Adena Corp. All this is against the Terms of Service established by NCSoft. The farmers ruin the game for legitimate players, and unfortunately rather quiet walk for Lineage II. Other times, people refer to "farmer" by an object. When they say this, they are referring to killing the same monster again and again, in order to obtain an item that he dropea. This behavior is perfectly acceptable, almost all players do at some point and is one among the possible strategies in Lineage II.


What are soulshots and spiritshots?

The soulshots are items you can use to double the power of your next attack. The spiritshots multiuplican the power of your next magic attack by 1.5. The Blessed spiritshots multiply the power of your next magic attack for 2, increase casting speed and decrease time to wait for that attack is again available. There are different levels of SS, SPS and BSPS depending on the degree of each weapon. The nograde shots can be purchased at any magic shop, but other shots have to be crafted by an artisan or a Warsmith.

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